I Could Not Remember My Sister

When I am writing, I often set on my front porch in the early morning it is so peaceful and quite your mind is so free, all you can hear are the birds chirping away as you begin to wonder about the amazing sound coming from one of God’s creation. Then I began to reminisce about my memories of my childhood that are locked away in my mind. We were a happy family we were the Lowes it was Mom and Dad, my 4 siblings and me. I had three sisters and one brother. However, I only remember three of my siblings. I had one older sister and one younger sister and one brother. I do not remember anything about my baby sister. I have often thought about her down thru the years what she looked like was she was light skin like Mom or dark skin like Dad. Was she a fat baby or a thin baby? Did she have a lot of hair or a little bit of hair? All These questions have been in my mind all these years. My sister was an infant when she was abducted by my mothers so called friend. Being the second oldest child, I should have remembered what our sister looked like. But, I have no memories or recollection of her in my mind. I guess I was too young to remember anything about our life when we lived with our dad. The only thing I remember was the house that we live in it was a funny little house on a short street that did not have an inside bathroom. It had an outhouse around the back of the house. I do remember that awful smell coming from the outhouse. I long for those memories of my sister that have just vanished from my mind. I remember that mom said that we all devastated after our sister was stolen. (Abducted) Mom said we cried for weeks at a time all we knew was that, there were five of us one day and the next day there were four of us. We went all throughout our childhood never fully understanding how someone could steal our sister as Mom put it. The real word is (Abducted)
Even when I got older, it was still hard to comprehend how someone could take another persons child and just vanish. It still brings tears to my eyes when I think about my mom and all the pain and suffering she endured after our sister was abducted. However, what bothers me most is that the Authorities would not help Mom find our missing sister.

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