Mom was always willing to share what she had. She was a good mother who loved and cherished her children, despite all the difficult and hard times she had.

 Mommy kept her children together when she could have taken the easy way out and abandoned us or put us in foster care. Still she persevered to provide and keep her children together. I never heard Mommy complain. Being the second oldest child, I watched her beautiful smile and the worry on her face change to a frown down through the years.

I also remember she was a pretty woman when she was young. Mom was short and petite and had a light brown com­plexion with freckles all over her face. She had light brown eyes with short reddish brown hair. She had a pretty smile and she laughed a lot. She liked music; rhythm and blues was her favorite. Mommy loved to watch television; especially the soap operas. Her favorite show was” As the World Turns”. She could almost tell you what was going to happen in the next episode.

She liked to play cards. Her favorite card game was pity pat. She did not have many friends. Mommy stayed to herself, and she was not a gossiper or a busy body. Mom said that a dog that brings a bone carries one. I never knew my mother to gossip about anyone throughout her lifetime. She was such an example to me when I was growing up. I will never forget one of the things she taught us when we were growing up and that has stuck with me all my life. Mommy taught us to respect your elders.

When I think about my mother’s life, it brings tears to my eyes. She shed many hurts and tears down through the years. Life had thrown her some hard blows. She did not become bitter and depressed. She just picked herself up and kept on going. Mommy did not waste energy on self-pity. I am not saying that she did not have those down days


She was only human but somehow managed to keep a positive attitude. She persevered in spite of obstacles, diffi­culties, and hard times. I will never know how mommy did it. Mommy believed that tomorrow would be a better day. I know now that it was God’s grace that kept my mom in her right mind. I thought about all the stories she told us when we were growing up.

She told us that she used to go to church and had ac­cepted the Lord as her savior at a young age. She also said that she was filled with the Holy Ghost and how happy she was back then. Mom said that her childhood was lonely and her life had changed after her dad died. She was devastated by his death.

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