This is True Love

A Second Chance


 When I think about life and all the changes we experience this song comes to my mind. The spring of April gone, the leaves have all turned brown. The children have all grown up and there is no one around. I am looking over my life and all the mistakes I have made and I am afraid of what my life has become. I married my prince charming childhood sweetheart we were so in love at least that is what we thought. In the beginning, of our marriage we were in separable. Then two year later, we had a son, and then a year later we had a daughter. Then our household began to change. I was so busy taking care of the house and the children. The children were so helpless they depended on Mommy for everything. They seemed to need me much more than my husband needed me. I spent my entire life taking care of them, as a mother should. Our children became my whole world. Now the children were no longer babies they were going off to college. This is the day that most parent look forward to their children growing up. Somehow, I had dreaded this day all my life. That one day my children would be gone, they would not need me anymore. Our house no longer seemed like a home it seemed so empty even though my husband was here. Now reality has set in what have I done? My husband and I had drifted apart we are like strangers living in a house together. I was once a loving wife dedicated to my husband. I remember when I first met my husband we were in grade school at that time we only had eyes for each other he was the prince that had came to rescue me. He was everything a girl could want he had the prettiest gray eyes we fell in love the first day we met. We both said that when we grow up we would get married and have a big family and that we would always stay together no matter what. That is exactly what he did but I had somehow lost tract of the things that were important in a marriage. Now somehow I had to try to make things right. However, I had no clue as where to start. However, I knew I had to go to my husband and ask his forgiveness. As I looked into my husband eyes, filled with tears I could see the love he still has for me. As ironic, as it seems I still loved him after all those years. I realize there is still hope for us.


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