Does The Truth Matter

I know that it had to be overwhelming for my sister to find out after almost sixty years that there was so much more to her life. One account indicates that she was an only child with no siblings. On the other hand she does have brothers and sisters. The truth behind the story is that my sister grew up not knowing her biological mother. A simple trip to the store led to a life style that took almost 60 years to reveal the truth. When I think about this women who abducted my sister I think what a selfish person she was and how she deprived me of growing up with my sister and destroyed our family.Even when she was sick she did not make a confession of her past actions and tell my sister the truth. I am told that many people when they are sick and there is no chance of recovery they make confessions but not this proud women. The women that raised our sister could have made it very simple by revealing the truth. Instead the process was much more complicated. My sister had no idea that she had been abducted. It was a shock to her. She simply did not know what to think. She was never told whether she had siblings or not.She was told that her biological mother did not want her,that she had placed her in a basket with her birth certificate, and left her on the doorstep. This is not even logical and it does not make sense What mother abandons her child and leave a birth certificate?

I cannot stress it enough ABDUCTION IS REAL Parents be careful of who you trust your children with whether it be family or friends.

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