Memories of The Way We Were


I believe that when you get older sometimes all you have left are the childhood memories to keep you going. Especially if they are good memories those are the memories you hold on to. Then on the other hand, the not so good memories are the ones’ you try to forget but that is not always the case. Some memories you can never erase from your mind. I am so glad that I can look back on some wonderful memories of my childhood years that I shared with my three siblings as I was growing up.

We were the Lowe’s it was Dad, Mom and us. We were a family of seven; I had one brother and three sisters. I can only remember two of my sisters. I have no recollection of my baby sister’s abduction by my mother’s friend. We were still the Lowe’s but our family composition had changed. My mom had left my Dad. Now it was just Mom and us children. We had a real good life when we lived with our Dad. My Dad worked every day to take care of us. However, after Mom left dad things changed a lot. We moved around a lot from one apartment to another.

Mom was now working she had to find a job to help make ends meet to provide for us. She found a job as a domestic worker (house cleaner). Mom also received a subsidy check from Public Assistance and she also qualified for surplus food. It was such a struggle because my dad became very angry and revengeful and he refused to give my Mom any money to help take care for us after she left him. I think he wanted to hurt Mom for leaving him and this was Dad’s way of getting back at Mom. This hurt Mom she could not understand why our dad was acting this way she knew that our dad loved us and he had always taken care of us.

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