Memories of Our Birthdays

Birthdays were another special occasion in our home. We always had a celebration on our birthday. Mom would always bake us a cake for our birthday. She would put white icing and candles on the cake and the birthday person would blow out the candles. She would also buy ice cream and sometimes we would have peanuts and peppermints. My mother loved us and she showed it she never forgot to celebrate any of our birthdays. Mom had a way of always making us feel special on our birthdays..She would sacrifice something she needed for herself just to get something for us. Holidays were also special occasions for us we loved the holidays especially ThanksgivingĀ  and Christmas. Thanksgiving was on of our favorite holidays. We knew that there would be plenty of food and we could eat as much as we wanted. Mom always cooked a tom turkey she said that was the biggest turkey you could buy. She sure knew how to cook a turkey the aroma of the turkey filled the house.

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