When Mom Was Young

It was a hot summer day that a beautiful baby girl came bouncy into the world. I am sure if they did DNA testing back then; they would have made sure that this light, almost white baby belonged to a brown skin colored women. The year was nineteen hundred and twenty four was the world ready for baby Tee. I am sure if baby Tee would have known the trials and tribulation that were in store for her she would have ran the other way.
At a young age, her father, which she was very close to, passed away. This left Tee with no father figure and no clue on how a man should treat a woman. Tee and her brother were left to be raised by a single mother. My grandmother, not wanting to struggle raising her children alone, found the easy way out when she met a man and married him. Tee’s father’s body had not settled in the ground before this union was final.
Tee did not like her stepfather she felt as though he was trying to take her mother away from her. She feared that she would end up alone in a world that she was too young to understand. That fear along with a stepfather who looked like the meanest man alive in her mind was frightening. Tee’s stepfather was a short black man who walked with a limp. He had a scary expression on his face that told many unspoken stories that made my mom and uncle wonder.
The fear along with no parental connection made Tee believe that he was only interested in a life with their mother. Soon after their marriage, Mr. Woods and my grandmother his new wife packed up everything they wanted except her children. The newly weds moved to New Jersey to started their life together. Imagine that!

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