She’s Growing Up

All good things come to an end but this is a good thing. It has been over five years since I started watching my grand daughter Maty while my daughter worked. It has been a joyous adventure Maty was an extra ordinary child. There was never a dual moment watching her she was always doing things that made me and her pop pop shake our heads. We would often look at each other and say has Maty been here before then we would laugh. Last year Maty starting going to per-school and she was so excited. When I would pick her up from per-school she would hug just about every child in her classroom as they were departing. She would say hug and they would run over and give her a hug. This was such and amazing thing to see. I though what a world we would have if everybody had this kind of love and there was no prejudice. Children don’t see color all they see is another child just like them. She even taught me a few lessons. This year Maty will be going to kindergarten but I see the same anticipation, excitement and energy that she had last year. My daughter Nikki, Maty and I attended the schools open-house. It is a different school but I know that Maty will do well she has already met a friend at the open house. My prayer for my granddaughter is that the love of God always be with her and flow though her.

2 thoughts on “She’s Growing Up

  1. That is awesome that you were able to watch your grandchild for the first 5 years of her life. My wife’s mother has been our sons primary care giver during the day while we work. We’re so lucky to have her, and so thankful that we didn’t have to put Max in daycare. He starts kindergarden next week, and my wife and I are both super nervous. He only did half days in pre-k, so full day (6 1/2 hours) of school will be a big adjustment for him. Hope your granddaughter enjoys kindergarden, and God bless you for taking such care of her, so that your daughter could work.

    1. Thanks you for taking your time to read my blog. I miss my grand daughter already. I started watching her when she was three months old. Thanks God for your wife’s mother who watched your son. He will do well I am sure even thought its’ the norm to be a little nervous. That’s what parents do

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