The changes in our lives

The many twists and turns that shape each of our lives are amazing. We make plans for our lives yet we never know what the future holds. We have many happy occasions when a child is born, when you celebrate a birthday, graduation, marriage, anniversary or etc. Then there are some sad occasions such as sickness, alternatively, death. I remember my oldest sister she had so much potential. She passed away at the age of thirty-three years old she was a mother of two beautiful children that she loved dearly. She had taken sick one day we took her to the emergency she died the next day.That was one of the most difficult times in our lives for my mother, me and my siblings. We were all traumatized by her death it was such a shock. I cannot even imagine the heartache and pain my mother suffered after losing her child but I knew it was very devastating. Parents are not supposed to bury there children it is suppose to be the other way around. I am a parent myself of three beautiful daughters and I thank God everyday for allowing me to raise my daughters. Children are a blessing to their parents and as parents; we should treasure the gift that God has given us.

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