My Reason For Writing

Why I Decided to Write My Mother’s Memoir

As Authors each of us have our own reason as to why we write a particular genre. My writing didn’t start out as a memoir I was trying to find our sister that had been abducted as an infant. I was so desperate to bring some closure to make sense out of this whole abduction ordeal so that I could move forward with my own life. I wanted to know what happen to her, whether she was still alive or not. So I just started writing letters to everyone and anyone that I thought could help us find her. Then the more I wrote the better I began to feel and it became very therapeutic for me. Then this thought came to mind to write a book and share my mother’s story to inspire parents everywhere that have lost a child through death, abduction, or a child that has run away to never give up hope of finding your love one until you find some closure. Although it’s a daily struggle and it seems like the heartache and pain will never go away. Just remember you will always have the memories of that child that no one can take away. I watched my mother struggle for many years as I was growing up after our sister was abducted. We saw the sadness in her eyes the tears she tried to hold back every day and her beautiful smile turned to a frown down through the years.
Mom had no pictures of her child, she had no chance to say goodbye. All Mom had were memories of her child’s birth. My mother passed away June 2005.

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