Why is the truth so hard to believe?

It took my sister, sixteen years to find out the truth, it took me sixty years to confirm that same truth. My former pastor always said what’s done in darkness will be revealed to the light, if you cover your feet up your face will stick out. In other words, if you live a lie it will eventually catch up with you sooner or later. In my case it was later. I tried to imagine how my sister felt when the lady that had raised her finally confessed that she was not her biological mother. I can only imagine the betrayal she felt as she ran to her room sobbing after receiving such devastating news. As she lay on her bed sobbing for hours trying to make sense of this, she though this has got to be a nightmare I will wake up soon. But it wasn’t a nightmare it was the truth she had to somehow deal with it. She didn’t know how all the love and trust she had for her mother had changed in the twinkling of an eye. She felt that she had been deceived and betrayed by the women she trusted the most in all the world.

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