Memories Never leave you whether good or bad

After all the tears my mother shed 

all the years have gone by I can still visualize the look on my mother’s face whenever she talked about our sister that had been abducted.I know Mom blamed herself because parents should PROTECT and Keep their  children safe. Mom felt she had let our sister  down there was not the right way that mom could have known that the person she trusted as a friend would one day betray her and steal her child? I often wonder what this person mindset was. If she wanted a child why didn’t she become a foster parent or adopt a child. But I guess it was easier to take someone else child. I wonder how a person who abducted or KIDNAPS someone’s child can go on with their life as if nothing happened what kind of person could do such a terrible thing destroy another person’s life  then make a perfect life for themselves. I never thought that I would ever have to write such a sad story.

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