About Growing Up

I remember vividly growing up as a child like is was yesterday. My family always lived in the city on the east side, in predominately-black neighborhoods all our life. The house were big three stories row houses.The neighborhoods were very friendly and everyone respected each other. Children respected their elders and parents corrected their children. Everybody looked out for each other. ( What happen to those good old days) There were grocery stores on every corner, and the milkman delivered eggs and milk at your door.

5 thoughts on “About Growing Up

  1. Truth Be Told, let us who know what it was and how it was live by example. Model before this lost genetation what Life, Love and Living is for real. Let us who know the power of prayer keep praying and standing for this generation, believing God to heal our land. Let’s stand together to put prayer back in the schools and mothers become kneeling mothers, like the old mothers. Then we will see Heaven here on Earth.

    1. Yvette, you are so right we have to pray because prayer is the only thing that changes things. I have a saying PUSH. Pray until something happens

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