Moma I tried to share your story, she would not listen she thought that I had made it all up, even thought I had her birth certificate as proof she still refused to accept the truth which I will never understand. I guess that’s why the old folks would say ” somethings are left better undone’.


Mom Never Knew

God’s Grace will sustain you when you go through difficult times if you just trust him. So many things happen in our lives that we don’t understand. I’m sure that my mother never thought that her child would be abducted by her friend. Things like this just didn’t happen back in 1947 in Wilmington, DE but it did. Mom never saw it coming this lady betrayed and deceived my mother pretending she was her friend but plotting and scheming on the other hand how to steal her child. I could only imagine the pain and hurt Mom endured for many years never knowing if your child is living or dead. Mom struggled with guilt for many years blaming herself for something that was beyond her control.

What A Prince Charming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





 I believe every woman’s desire is to be happy, to meet her prince charming, and live happily ever after. What are the odds of this happening and how realistic is this? My mom grew up without a father figure in her life, her dad passed away when she was a little girl she had never experience fatherly love. Mom was a young girl just eighteen years old searching for love when she met my dad. Said that she knew it was love at first sight, she believed that she had found her prince charming. I believe  this is a dream that most young girls have I certainly did. However, dreams and reality are two different things. We have to know how to separate the two. In my lifetime, I have met many people and I have heard many women tell this same story repeatedly. How they were so in love when they met their prince charming then years later, their story has changed. I realize that life brings about a change but what I do not understand is what happened to their prince charming? I know that my mom said that her relationship with my Dad changed after she started having children. She said that Dad became resentful   she did not give him the attention that he needed. Dad had gotten use to having all of Mom attention before they started a family.