A Child’s Dream

 August 2011, I Finally published my first  book and officially became an Author. This was a life long dream that had finally  became a  REALITY.  I give God all the glory for allowing me to write my mother’s story. All I Had Was Your Birth Certificate( and Memories That Remain) a true life story about a young mother’s struggles, heartache and pain after losing her child. This book is a story of Hope and Inspiration and a daughter’s perseverance and determination to find her sibling that had been  ABDUCTED many decades ago. This story will take you on a journey that you will not likely forget. It is a must to read for parents that have lost a child for whatever the reason. Whether is be death, abduction  Or even a child that has run-away. This story has a prevalent impact on issues we face in our society. It you have ever lost a child you can relate to this mother’s story.  You read about stories of abduction but  you never think that  it will touch your life.

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