Shattered Hopes of Sweet-Sixteen

She was so excited this was the day that she had anticipated all her life. Now that day was finally here. She would be able to take the driving training class in school and get her driver’s license. Her parents had promise to get her a used car after she got her driving permit. What could be more exciting than this? Now she had to get her birth certificate from her mother. She tells her mother that she needs her birth certificate for her driving training classes. Her mother stated that she would have to find it she had put it away somewhere. After a week had gone by she still had not got her birth certificate from her mother. She asked her mother again for her birth certificate. This time her mother got very upset and said I’ll have it for you by tomorrow. She didn’t understand why getting her birth certificate was such a big deal. So that evening her mother handed her the birth certificate and said your mother abandoned you and left you on the door steps. As she began to look at her birth certificate there were the names of her biological parents and her name was different she was confused she needed to make some sense out of this but her mother never said anything other than she left you on the door steps. She threw the birth certificate on the floor and ran away sobbing all the excitement she had about getting her driver’s license was shattered in a split second. All these years she had believed that this lady was her mother only to find out sixteen years later on one of the happiest days of her life that she is not her biological mother.

The Truth Has A Way of Coming to the Surface

2 thoughts on “Shattered Hopes of Sweet-Sixteen

  1. So heartfelt story ….truly it’s touching! In a few minutes her happiness turned into sadness!

    Great post dear! It’s so emotional sentimental story!
    Thank you for sharing this with us! Much love sent your way! Neeky

    1. Thank you for taking your time and stopping by my blog it means so much to me. I am encouraged each time I hear from you. May God Bless you as you serve

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