A Search To Find Our Sister Begins

ALL OF MY mother’s children are now grown. For Mommy’s sake and out of curiosity, I desired to find the sister I never knew. My search to find our sister started in 1992. The quest to find the sister that Mom had talked to us about all through- out our childhood was in motion. I thought we would never find our sister. What would we have to do to find her? We did not know where to start looking.I put it in the back of my mind and tried to forget about finding our sister. My siblings and I could not remember our sister or how she looked. I decided to abandon the search. Although I tried hard not to think about our sister, she was always in the back of my mind. Therefore, I decided to continue the search to find her.

I drafted a letter and sent it to Unsolved Mysteries to see if they could assist me with the search. I had watched the television program for many years. I thought that if anyone could help us, they could. I began to think about what proof I had that our sister even existed. Our mother repeatedly told us about the abduction of our sister while we were growing up. However, we did not have any pictures or even a copy of her birth certificate. All we had was information and facts about her birth.
We did not have anything. Despite all of this, I decided to continue the search anyway. I was waiting with enthusiasm for a response. About a month later, I received a response. The response indicated that because of a backload of cases, they were unable to help us. They wished us the best as we searched to find our loved one.As I read the response, I could not believe what I read. Since Unsolved Mysteries helps thousands of families locate abducted children, I did not understand why they could not help us.

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