Happy Memories of Mom

Even now when I think about my mother’s life it still brings tears to my eyes. My mom had many hurts and she shed many tears down through the years. Life had thrown her some hard blows because of the choices she had made. She did not become bitter or depressed. She just picked herself up and kept on going. Mommy did not waste energy on negative things that did or did not happen in her life.I am not saying that she did not have those self pity days that we all have sometimes. She was only human but somehow mange to keep a positive attitude, She persevered in spite of obstacles, difficulties and hard times. I will never know how mommy did it. Mom believed that tomorrow would be a better day. I know now that it was God’s grace that kept my mom in her right mind. I thought about all the stories she told us when we were growing up. She told us that she used to go to church and had accepted the Lord as her Savior at a young age, She also said that she was filled with the Holy Ghost and how happy she was back then. Mom said that her childhood was very lonely and that her life changed after her dad died. She was very close to her dad, she was a daddy’s girl and she was traumatized and devastated by his death. Her dad was her idol he was her everything she loved him so much. She always thought that he would always be there for her. It was hard for her to imagine her life without her dad.

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