Time Brings About a Change


I remember when I was a child growing up I use to hear the old folks say that “time brings about a change” but I had no clue as to what that meant. But as I got older I understood very well. Everything changes and your memories fade  I took a trip down memory lane the other day and wow have things changed. When we were kids my dad had a house at #8 High Street. This street was one block long with houses  on one side and garages on the other side it was located off of East 4th Street. Now there is no evidence that street existed. Then I looked for 2nd& Poplar Street where we also lived. The Street looks totally different they have build new townhouses. Then I looked for East 6th Street. Then I looked for the house we lived in 432 McCaulley Street. Its also gone and new town homes have been built it no longer McCaulley Street it’s now Mc Caulley Court. Then I looked for the house we lived in on 11th& Walnut Street. The house had been totally renovated and doesn’t even look the same. The Pool hall on the corner, the the flower shop that used to be next door to us is also gone.

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